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Metal Cutting and Fabrication in Lloydminster

Border Steel offers a variety of metal cutting & hole punching or drilling services in Lloydminster meet the needs of our industrial, commercial and oilfield clients. Whether it’s a simple, one-off custom project or an ongoing need for particular products, our friendly, experienced crew can get the job done on time and on budget.

Some of the services we offer include:

  Nelson® Stud Welding – Nelson® studs provide a strong, permanent weld for anchoring your steel product into a concrete project.

 Rebar Fabrication – We supply Grade 400  steel rebar . We can cut and bend rebar in any length or configuration to meet the needs of your project.

 Cut Off Saw or Plasma Cutting – All our structural steel products are cut with a cut off saw, not torch cut. All our plates are cut with plasma.

Contact us for more information about our sales, repairs or other metal services.

Wholesale Steel


Take advantage of our low wholesale prices for quality products.

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