Steel Suppliers in Bonnyville

Welcome to Border Steel, a wholesale provider of brand new steel for service welders and concrete and construction crews in the Lloydminster area. We are a family-owned business that is 100% locally owned and operated. That means that you get quick and personalized customer service when you need it. We get the best, newest steel from our suppliers, which means you are buy high quality steel you can trust. If your equipment breaks, we can come to you to repair it. Our service is fast and prompt so you don’t have to wait around. Call us today to get the steel services you need.

About Us

For over 30 years, we’ve been helping to support the infrastructure of Lloydminster and the surrounding areas. We provide only new steel from our suppliers so you can be assured of the absolute purity and quality of our steel products. Our new products are less prone to rusting and more durable. For more information about steel suppliers in Bonnyville, feel free to contact us today.

We also offer waste disposal services; learn more information at Quik Pick Waste Disposal.